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The Four Seasons

Vivaldi – The Four Seasons (CD review)

‘La Serenissima’s fresh approach grows out of The Four Seasons itself. Listeners that usually find the ritornello that launches Autumn a touch twee will be diverted by the energising thrum of the guitar… If the sheer sweep and vivacity captivates, details are just as telling.  The appoggiatura Chandler applies to the end of his first solo entry in Winter plumbs the chill of the grave, and in the perky Largo he delivers an object lesson in how to decorate the music meaningfully.  Two concertos showcasing Peter Whelan’s playfully agile bassoon are paired with two rare concertos for a specially constructed three-string ‘violino in tromba marina’ lending a touch of raucous exoticism.’

BBC Music Magazine, Concerto Choice, Double 5 star review, Christmas Issue, 2015: