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Serene Recovery Fund

‘La Serenissima has established a deserved reputation as one of the most imaginative interpreters of 18th century Venetian music around. Its standing as an outstanding live band has been reinforced by a sequence of exceptional discs which prior to Covid-19 had created inexorable momentum for the group. The resultant inertia for any ensemble could easily have proved fatal.’

Music Web International (December 2021)


Thanks to the generosity of SRF donors in 2022, we have been able to:

  • Release albums Vivaldi’s Women (with singers Claire Booth, Renata Pokupic & Jess Dandy) & Forza Azzurri! (with recorder player Tabea Debus) on Signum.

  • Deliver performances for venues in Gloucestershire, London, Norfolk & Suffolk.

  • Share digital outreach for key-stage 2 children with more partners across the UK.

  • Research & record three new albums: Brescianello Unlocked, An Englishman Abroad and a disc of virtuoso chamber works by composers Leclair, Guillemain, Marcello, Mascitti, Somis & Vivaldi.

  • Create more professional opportunities for young musicians through Emerging Artist Chairs.

  • Deliver bespoke programmes for specialist travel companies Kirker Holidays & Martin Randall Travel.

  • Release our first podcast in our Lost & Found series ‘Discovering Vivaldi’.

  • Invest in digital marketing support from Da Capo Digital which has helped to nearly double engagement from online followers during the year.

In doing so, we have:

  • Sustained La Serenissima’s brand, market presence & charitable obligations through a viable artistic programme.

  • Supported our team of artists & protected playing techniques, artistic standards & our ethos by creating employment.

  • Connected with audiences through performance, increased recording & digital dissemination.

In 2023, we continue to fundraise through the SRF in order to:

  • Record Vivaldi Doubles and Crossing Borders in Cedars Hall, Wells.

  • Deliver a new series of programmes for performance in both rural and urban venues.

  • Develop our podcasting series ‘Lost & Found’.

  • Release new outreach videos for primary-aged children and the wider public via our website.

  • Support and market the release of albums: An Englishman Abroad and Brescianello Unlocked.

  • Develop recording & touring plans to celebrate the group’s 30th Anniversary in 2024.

  • Continue applications to raise major gifts to underpin La Serenissima’s infrastructure and future artistic programme.

How To Support


Photo by Henri Picot on Unsplash
Monthly Donation. Practical and transportive: Vaporetto donations will help us get from A to B. All Vaporetto donors will –
  • Be credited on La Serenissima’s website
  • Receive regular updates by email
  • Be invited to our La Serenissima Patrons’ Events

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Photo by Jack Ward on Unsplash
Annual Donation. Elegant and efficient: Gondola donations will help us cross a turbulent lagoon. All Gondola donors benefit from –
  • Be credited on La Serenissima’s website
  • Receive regular updates by email
  • Be invited to our La Serenissima Patrons’ Events

    Donate Amount



    Once thought to be the 8th wonder of the world: Rialto donations will bridge the gap! Rialto donors benefit from –
    • Advanced copies of albums supported
    • Credit in CD booklet
    • Insights from the Artistic Director
    • All the benefits from Vaporetto and Gondola

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    Our most serene tier of support: Palazzo donations represent transformational support at a critical time. Palazzo donors benefit from the above and receive –
    • Invitations to La Serenissima events at the Italian Embassy and other special occasions.

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    Thank you for your support