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January News

31st January 2024

January has been full of new momentum – new conversations about projects, new composers, new releases and new beginnings.

The office is buzzing with excitement about newest album release, Diavolo, due out in March. We unveiled the new cover design to delegates at the Association of British Orchestras conference in Bristol last week.

Camilla presented a case study about the group’s 2015 album release The Four Seasons in an ABO panel session on ‘Audiences: Strategy, brand and reaching to the future’

We showed how a new approach to cover design, coupled with increased use of social media has led to our Four Seasons becoming “potentially the most streamed interpretation ever” (Gramophone 2023).

It was great to be able to present this success with our wider industry colleagues and to feel that size isn’t everything – even small organisations have something to teach the bigger players. 

Camilla has now been invited to speak at the Audio Classique conference in Bruges in the Spring and will join a panel chaired by Martin Cullingford of Gramophone including speakers: Gunther Broucke, General Manager of Brussels Philharmonic; Sean Hickey, Managing Director of Pentatone; and Sam Jackson, Controller of BBC Radio 3. 

We hope our Patrons and supporters can appreciate that La Serenissima continues to punch well above its weight in the world of classical music recordings – something that we are very proud of.

It reminded us that our online following is massively significant – your engagement helps our music to reach new, bigger and more diverse audiences because it makes our music more visible online. 

We attribute some of our commercial success with The Four Seasons to this fact.
Adrian has been working flat out to edit a host of untested works by composers such as Facco, Gnocchi and Valentini so that we can finalise programmes for our Wigmore Hall Residency planned for the 2024-25 Season

One of the things many people don’t know is that a huge amount of time and research goes into every one of La Serenissima’s programmes – and much of this has to go on in advance of choosing a programme and promoting it. 
If the music hasn’t been performed before, how do you know if it’s any good? Adrian talks about this in a recently uploaded video on YouTube:

Coming up!

9 February London, St Martin in the Fields Mad Monks

Music by Gnocchi & Vivaldi including La Tempesta di Mare & double concerto in E flat.

This is the first time La Serenissima will perform these works from Vivaldi’s Opus 8 and Adrian particularly describes La Tempesta as ‘a work of genius’. The music by Gnocchi will be a Modern Premiere.

We hope to see many of you there!


New single from long-awaited Tartini recording is available to stream on 9 February.

Pre-order the album now!

Thank you for your support

Adrian & Camilla