La Serenissima
Adrian Chandler, Director / Violin


Sonata VI (Opus 1: 1734) for violin & continuo in D, B.D12 / GT 2.D12
Giuseppe TARTINI (1692 – 1770)
Sonata IX (XXVI Sonatas) for violin & cello in A, B.A1 / GT 2.A01
Giuseppe TARTINI
Sonata VII (Opus 1: 1734) for violin & continuo in D, B.D6 / GT 2.D06
Giuseppe TARTINISonata VI (XXVI Sonatas) for violin in e, B.e1 / GT. 2e01
Sonata I (Opus 1: 1734) for violin & continuo in A, B.A14 / GT 2.A14
Giuseppe TARTINI
Sonata Il trillo del Diavolo for violin & continuo in g, B.g5 / GT 2.g05
Giuseppe TARTINI


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The latest instalment from baroque ensemble La Serenissima. Often compared to Vivaldi, Giuseppe Tartini was a famous virtuoso violinist and highly respected teacher, and is best known for the sonata “Il Trillo del Diavolo” (The Devi’s Trill) which is legendary for both its story and for its fiendish level of technical wizardry.

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