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Vivaldi, Venice & the Violin

Hear Adrian Chandler, La Serenissima‘s Artistic Director and Violinist, discuss Vivaldi, Venice & the Violin!

Learn more about Baroque Composer Antonio Vivaldi’s life as both a Priest and a “celebrity” violinist whilst living in Venice, Italy.

Vivaldi’s music drew tourists to the city during the 18th Century. No doubt a concert was a highlight of any trip to Venice! Includes excerpts from Vivaldi’s violin concerto A Major RV 353. In total, Vivaldi composed between 400 and 500 violin concertos alone!

Created by La Serenissima for Key-Stage 2 children. This film has been made possible by a grant from Continuo Foundation and with support from Arts Council England during 2021.

Filmed at Cedars Hall, Wells in June 2021.